Casio IT-700M30E Industrial Cassiopeia Handheld Computer

The IT-700M30E features a color display, and is designed for the heavy-duty corporate environment. A high-speed CPU and 32MB of RAM guarantee ample hardware performance for full-fledged business use. Rugged design-water resistant and drop testing enable reliable outdoor use.

Visual Tour of IT-700



  • Standard Microsoft Pocket PC-familiarity of Microsoft Windows OS supported by open development environment enables easy and fast application development.  
  • Rugged design-water resistant and drop testing enable reliable outdoor use for SFA (Sales Force Automation) and FFA (Field Force Automation) applications. 
  • Color screen-65,536 color touch display is ideal for any Business application such as merchandising and store planning applications.
  • Flexibility-32MB RAM for large database application and upgradeability via compact flash port.

Technical Specifications:

Model IT-700M30E
CPU VR4122 (150MHz)
OS Windows CE Version 3.0 Pocket PC
Memory RAM: 32MB
FRon (NAND): 16MB
Display Device: Hyper Amorphous Silicon, TFT color liquid crystal, 65,536-color touch-panel display
No of Dots: 240 x 320 dots
Dot Pitch: .024 x .024
Font Size: Scalable font
Back Light: Cold cathode
Input 10 Keys: 0-9, . , Enter, CLR, Fn
Alpha keys: by Touch panel
Fn./Other Keys: PW, Action, Application, Voice
Touch Panel: Yes
I/F IrDa port: IrDa Version 1.1
Communication port: Serail Port (20pin)
CF 0 port: CF Type II
CF 1 port: CF Type II
DC Jack: N/A
Headphone: Yes (stereo)
Audio Microphone: Yes
Speaker: Yes
Indicator LED (Red/Green)
Power Main Battery: Lithium-ion battery (rechargeable) --option
Battery Life: (S) 5  (L) 10h
(backlight on): Operated=3  Displayed=7
Sub battery: CR2032
Memory back-up: 4 days (with only CR2032)
Charging Time (S/L) DT-5022CHG: 2.5h/5h
DT-769CHG: 4h/8h
DT-760IO: 4h/8h
Environment Durability: .75m
Water spread proof: IPx2
Operating Temperature: -5 - 50†C
Weight 330g
Regulatory approvals FCC/UL/CE
Accessory Hand Strap, Stylus, CD-ROM, Cover for large battery pack, CR2023, Users Manual